Better than professionals? I think not.

There’s an interesting You-tube video of a 4-year-old playing way more difficult pieces than any 4-year-old should be. Ever. After I got over my skepticism I had to admit this kid is amazing for a 4-year-old.

I take issue with the title of the video, though. “Amazing: 4-Year-Old Boy The Piano Better Than Most Professionals.”

Professional whats? Plumbers? (nothing against plumbers – just my gut reaction because of other music humour making the rounds, comparing unfortunate wages of musicians to wages of fortunate plumbers). This kid plays way more notes way better than a lot of people, but definitely not better than professional musicians. Let’s get a grip on reality.

Thank you, Joe, for sharing. And you’re right – you didn’t start early enough and you didn’t choose your parents wisely!

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22 Responses to Better than professionals? I think not.

  1. fame1444 says:

    OK it is official – just like I don’t believe everything I see on TV, I don’t believe everything I see on YouTube – and I don’t believe this video.

  2. David McKay says:

    Did you watch his second performance of the piece he played first? A much more musical rendition. And I think his vid is much better than many of the cutesy-pie amazing vids on Youtube.

    Dana, do you have evidence to back up your suspicions?

  3. LaDona (or others): What are the pieces he is playing? I don’t know them. Thanks. (I assume the second is Bach, but I don’t know what).

  4. Good question! I’m with you – assuming the 2nd piece must be Bach.

  5. LaDona: I’m going to post a link to this post on the listserves and see if we can get an answer….

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  7. Ian says:

    I can’t believe only fame1444 has not been duped by this. I will post a comment on youtube soon pointing out how this a hoax, a trick of miming and software editing. You only have to look and listen properly. And how can a four year old have the mass for that dynamic range? Look for my, pulchravista, post on youtube soon.

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  9. Ian says:

    The index picture itself puzzles me. Enlarge it to full screen and can anyone explain the perspective of the boy’s hands on the keyboard and the position of the reflections?

  10. David McKay says:

    I cannot see how it is a fake. If he were miming, that itself would be an incredible feat.

    • Ian says:

      David, I used to mime the third movement of Beethoven’s C# minor sonata to a recording when I was 11 much to the amusement of people watching. My arms and hands were always in a plausible location. I think this boy learned to do it and had a digital cue from the recorder that is visible at 3:08 to 3:10. I suspect his dad played it, not a professional teacher. And the title is provocative, essentially saying, “Look what I did and how did I do it?”

  11. Ian says:

    At 3:08 to 3:10 when the camera shows the pedal, there is a clue; it is circumstantial evidence and doesn’t prove anything. I downloaded the video and ran it 1/4 and 1/8 speed. Everything looks real except his hands.

  12. Ian says:

    I will give up now, just as I did when I was spending way too much time on an Internet puzzle game. The title of the video suggests, “Look what I did and how did I do it?”. It is not the title any thoughtful teacher would give because there are wrong notes and messiness in the playing, far from professional.
    I even had my wife play the piano while I moved around looking from all angles at the reflections of her fingers. I never saw such a discontinuity as is in that video title picture.

    • Ian – this comment ended up in my spam box – good thing I check it periodically. I had to laugh at the first sentence – the very thing that makes all this so fun and interactive is horribly addicting and can wreak havoc with real life! But I do a music blog – not an internet addiction blog.
      Read Suzanne’s comments in the follow-up post ( She addresses a deeper concern than the veracity of the video.
      And thank you again for reading and taking the time to comment. I value all comments, especially those that make me and others question what we think and say.

      • Ian says:

        It is a sad story with a happy ending. I wondered where my comment went. At the time, I had not noticed the D flat down, only the displaced reflections. On a yahoo piano teacher’s group, I said, “Finding that note down and not in the reflection is my
        proof that this video is not honest. To what extent, time will show.”

  13. Ian says:

    His left hand is holding down a D flat. His hands’ reflections are not holding down anything. The reflections tell the true story.

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