Jaws and Trills

Friday night, with my daughter, I watched Jaws for the first time in my life. It came out when I was in my teens and simply everybody went to see it – standing in line-ups that went around the block outside the big theaters. I just wasn’t interested – didn’t see Star Wars either, but I did stand in line for E.T. – and besides, I was probably practicing.

Frankly, Jaws was pretty boring except for one or two scream-inducing scenes. Between my daughter’s screams and tweets she yelled at the people on the screen to quit going in the water already, scorned the fake-looking blood, and told the characters to listen to the music warning that the shark was on its way.

Weirdly enough, this has been making the rounds on the usual musician humour sites, shared a few times on Facebook. A couple of things spring to mind immediately:

1. Anything with a strong visual element is appealing to young kids. I’m going to print it and use it to teach the subdivision of the beats.

2. Essentially, this is Mozarts’ trill exercise, minus the triplet subdivisions. Again, the fun visual might possibly make it less boring…

I can just see my pristine, freshly painted Cotton Balls (white) studio walls getting all cluttered and holey again with new teaching aids.

Image: ilovedoodle.com via William Lima

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2 Responses to Jaws and Trills

  1. I haven’t seen Jaws or Star Wars either. We dinosaurs?

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