Tossing and organizing

I’m a tosser. I keep very little for sentimental reasons. Sometimes this results in having to re-buy the same stuff that I toss – repeatedly. A small mistake may have been made in the zealous studio overhaul this summer. Without wanting to tell the world the details of my blunder, suffice it to say I’m feeling fairly unprofessional at this point. (Nothing that can’t be fixed but not without embarrassment on my part).

My friend and colleague Rhona-Mae has offered her system of organizing all those teacher newsletters and articles that we print off, planning to read at some point in the near future, and you know where this is going! I have a similar system in place – all in a gigantic binder – and I haven’t read many of the articles, either. But I could. I know where they are. Unlike…

Read Rhona-Mae’s article on her blog: Musings at Musespeak.

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6 Responses to Tossing and organizing

  1. Grace Miles says:

    I’m quite the opposite of you! I love keeping things (if only for sentimental reasons or aesthetics) and I clean out my drawers as things accumulate. I’ve got an ‘organized mess’– things appear very tidy and pleasing to the eye, but a lot of the stuff really is unnecessary (although nice to have).

  2. Grace, I think you’re a lot more together than I am in this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. fame1444 says:

    Oh right now I’m having a tough time sorting through all the stuff I’ve printed about music, music lessons, things to try out, blah blah blah. So tempted to toss it all!!!

  4. Some days, I want to toss everything too! An update on my filing system: I’ve pulled a few articles to use for next week’s group classes, but that’s about it. I’m two week’s behind on my “To Do Today” files…

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