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Attitude Adjustment

You go to workshops and conferences hoping to learning something new. How much you learn depends in part on how much you already knew. Some sessions are great, some are not. Sometimes I walk away thinking I don’t know a … Continue reading

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They are beautiful human beings

They walk into our studios. Vulnerable. For whatever reason they have decided to make the switch from another teacher. We don’t really know why – we are careful not to get into the reasons. But we represent a move to … Continue reading

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A Trumpet Extravaganza

Wow. An evening I didn’t want to end. Two trumpet superstars on the same stage at our world-class Jack Singer Concert Hall along with Calgary’s own Prime Time Big Band and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Jens Lindemann. Trumpet soloist extraordinaire from … Continue reading

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Familiarity and exploration

“…the first-time listener needs an experience … they need to feel like there’s a journey and they need their dopamine (smiling) … you can get that through familiarity and you can get that through exploration and if a piece has … Continue reading

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Starry Nights and Earworms

It doesn’t matter how much music I hear throughout the day. The first tune of the day just gets stuck. I play it in my head over and over and over – not even realizing it half the time. This … Continue reading

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Small Hands

I’m no expert on this topic. My hands, while not large, are not so small that I can’t get around a lot of stuff (I can reach a 9th comfortably enough). I do somehow end up with a lot of … Continue reading

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Dig Deep

I’m collecting bits and pieces of advice and inspiration as I work towards that half-marathon, which at times still feels daunting, but at other times I embrace. Here’s inspiration I get from my son, Mark, during the last few whirlwind … Continue reading

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Life, Movement and Dazzling Colour

An incredibly beautiful video – music for the eyes – of another incredible child. I am quite taken with the beauty of the girl with the serious eyes, the dazzling colours of her art, and the gorgeous video itself. This … Continue reading

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Unabashedly overcome by the splendour of grand views

    D-flat major. The Free Spirit. Number 10 in the Signatures Series on CBC Radio – a series giving voice to the personalities of different keys. My youngest is D-flat Major. We listened to it last night and our … Continue reading

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Learning WAY beyond his level

A 14-year-old student brought a copy of Chopin’s Nocturne Opus 9 #2 to the lesson last week and asked if he could learn it. He said he was prepared and willing to take the whole year. You’ll have surmised by … Continue reading

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The Public Domain

Earlier this week I was picking up some music books at Rideau Music  – our local printed music store – and had a nice chat with owner Lynden Gill. Lynden has been a constant in the Calgary and area music community … Continue reading

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This is your Binder Cover

Two years ago I had students design their own binder cover- an insert for the clear plastic covering on the plain white binder. They were all over the project and I was thrilled with some of the results. Last year … Continue reading

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