To-do list

Already done the nothing on the list, now I must get some somethings done.

1. Firm up schedule.

2. Clean out 3 drawers remaining from the Studio Overhaul.

3. Decide on incentive program.

4. Fill in Goals and Plans 2012-2013 for each student.

5. Hit the music store for the books that the parents won’t drive downtown to get.

6. Find suitable music for Contemporary Showcase – a festival of Canadian music in November. Not all my students will participate, but I need to identify the ones who will and decide on music very soon. Deadline is in October.

While the big holiday is over, we are still enjoying our company for a few more days. Time is limited.

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2 Responses to To-do list

  1. pianoanne says:

    I have one of those pesky lists today too! You know it’s bad when one of the to-do list items is to make a to-do list for next week!

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