The long and winding road

Road to Narok, Kenya

There are 3 major highways across the province of British Columbia, Canada. All are in excellent shape – all offer amazing sights – and 2 of them are options for travelling from Calgary to Vancouver. The Trans-Canada Highway is the faster and more popular route. There’s another route, though – the Crowsnest Highway, the #3. It’s longer, adding a few more hours to the trip, but it offers a trip through an amazing array of terrains that makes the longer journey worth the trip. And after having travelled on incredibly bad roads in Kenya, good highways are a pleasure. (The funniest signs on the Kenyan roads are the ones that tell you to reduce your speed to 50 km/h, which is about 10 times the speed you’re actually going. I’m told things have improved since we were there a few years ago.)

The irony was that we planned this to show our visiting relatives more of BC but they slept most of the way. In the end the longer trip was for my husband and me. (Really, do 15-year-old girls care?)

Winner of the award for the town with the most musical name: Ootischenia. After a hot, dry, desolate stretch (Narok with a good road), a winding road upwards leads to a beautifully forested mountainous region. Nestled in a river valley is Ootischenia. You have to love the name.

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  1. Wow…magic photo and post. Thank you!

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