Running. And back to reality.

We were gone 10 days and I only managed 2 runs. Lots of walks – but not at an adequate pace to get the heart pumping. Back home and back to the beginning of routines today – I’m freaking out a bit as that half-marathon is a mere 7 weeks away.

Running along the water in Victoria is a treat. At one point there’s a long breakwater with a lighthouse at the end. I hadn’t planned on running that far but it was such an obvious target that I did anyway. Total run: 12k, which was fine, except that I didn’t drink enough water afterwards – and we walked around the stunningly beautiful Butchart Gardens in 30 degrees that afternoon. My body let me know that it wasn’t pleased.

A few days later – 10k around Elk/Beaver Lake, also in Victoria, a popular run around the lake. All the kilometres are marked, there are a few water fountains along the path, and it’s mostly in the shade. I went with my brother who runs 10k fairly regularly, and my husband who is a sprinter and has never in his life run beyond 5k. Five days later – he’s still sore. This seems to be a pattern with us :)

And now – on to less enjoyable things – administrative and scheduling details that need to be dealt with as the summer is rapidly grinding to a halt. I start teaching at the end of next week, and apart from a nice, clean, organized, repainted studio – I’m completely unprepared. Looking forward to reading everyone’s blogs about the new teaching year.

Photo credit: Doug’s Pensieve

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One Response to Running. And back to reality.

  1. Your post brings back memories of my runs in Victoria. Spectacular…

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