A high, a low, and something learned

A high – seeing the Rockies through the eyes of someone who has never been to North America before. It was overwhelming for her – and moving for me. “Why do you people come to Kenya when you have all this beauty here?”

I never tire of seeing these sights but this was extra special. The sweet, thin, clean mountain air and the spray from the falls refreshed and nourished my soul.



A low – sitting in a Boston Pizza in Salmon Arm yesterday – watching the Olympics on a big screen (3 different screens showing 3 different channels – none with sound). We were elated to see the Canadian 4×100 relay team finish third – only to be crushed when they were disqualified. The really frustrating part was not knowing why – we could only see the race being run over and over and over but with no sound. I texted my son back home to find out why (lane violation). Seeing those tears brought tears to my eyes.

Something learned – if you ask for a “regular” coffee at Tim Horton’s you get one cream and one sugar. Don’t confuse “medium” and “regular.”  I love good coffee and rarely go to Tim’s.  And I don’t like sugar in my coffee.

Takakkaw Falls Image credi(forgot the technological means for getting pictures from camera to computer at home)

Track Image: CTV News

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One Response to A high, a low, and something learned

  1. Love the picture LaDona. i missed the relay race…

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