For the record (mostly my own)

How I Successfully (right!) Used Dropbox on WordPress:

1.  Download Dropbox. That was the easy part.

2. Copy the image to the blog post by using the Snipping Tool.

3. Go back to the image and save as a PDF, then drag it to Dropbox.

4. Highlight and right-click the name of the document in Dropbox.

5. About 4 items down the menu it says Dropbox. Click here, then click again on Get Link.

6. This will open up an online page (click the blinking Google Chrome on the taskbar). Click Copy This Link (or something like that). The link will be copied onto the clipboard.

7. On the blog post, click on the image – then click on the mountain at the top left to edit the image – and replace the Link URL with the one on the clipboard (paste).

If anyone has any corrections or clarifications, feel free to share them!

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