There’s a hole in my Sunday

For 22 years our Sundays have followed the same pattern: breakfast, go to church, stop and buy the Sunday Herald (Calgary Herald) on the way home, make coffee and read the paper. Lunchtime on Sundays always saw the paper spread across the whole dining table, as we all took turns reading the different sections, eating whatever could be found.

As of today there is no more Sunday Herald. Advertising revenue was down too much, they said. Along with print media everywhere, the Herald has been struggling. Now the Saturday paper is the Weekend Edition but I’m just not going to save those couple of sections for the next day. And much as I love the internet, I love the printed word more – the look, the feel, the smell, the smudgy ink on my fingers. I’m at a loss.

For today – there are Olympics to watch. And there’s a pile of 5 books from the public library right beside the table. But it’s not quite the same.

I’ll miss you, Sunday Herald.

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4 Responses to There’s a hole in my Sunday

  1. I’m with you LaDona. Reading the paper on iGadget isn’t the same…

  2. Then there’s that whole book on the beach argument, although rumour has it you take your kindle (how many other gadgets?) with you on family vacations :)

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