Cleaner and clearer

Except for a couple of scary drawers with papers and game materials, I’m finished cleaning up and repainting the studio. I replaced the Pale Straw paint with Cotton Balls (OK, white).  A cleaner look – but mostly I just needed to ditch the clutter.

I realized with a start today that it’s already August. The summer is almost gone. With company and travel in the next few weeks my time to plan for fall has just slipped away. Maybe things will happen all by themselves. :)

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9 Responses to Cleaner and clearer

  1. Looking good. Inspiring me to finish sorting my studio….. sort of half done, but so much else to do as well! (in process of setting up community children’s choir which has filled my life the last week or so!) Did buy some stationery today- post-its, highlighters, pencils and have asked a friend to frame a couple of inspirational posters (you know the Holstee manifesto? that’s one of them!) ready for September…..

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