Back in the Nikes

A little more than a week after twisting my foot on a stupid black hose, I ventured out on a lazy run this afternoon. Took a few walk breaks – mostly my foot was fine – just a few twingies every now and then.

When I got home I watched the inspiring women’s 10000m at the Olympics. I can do the distance but it takes me twice as long on a good day. Two Ethiopian and two Kenyan runners led and it was incredible to see the speed with which Ethiopian Tirunesh Dibaba took off on the last lap – as if the previous 9600 metres hadn’t existed. Kenya got silver and bronze (woot! Let’s hear it for Kenyan runners :) )

Also incredibly inspirational this week was Canadian Clara Hughes – who has won medals in cycling and speed-skating, then took up cycling again. This wasn’t her year for another medal and at age 39, she announced her retirement. When questioned about that in an interview, she candidly said, “It’s just so hard.” It’s just so good to hear someone admit that.

When asked how she wanted her Olympic career remembered, though, Hughes took a moment to think, leaning on her bike, looking down.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said. “Maybe that I usually just did things with a smile. I think I can win with a smile and I can lose with a smile as well, because I never fail in emptying myself in what I do. I never fail in approaching what I do in the best way. So that’s what I’m most satisfied with, and I hope that people will maybe remember the way I did what I did, not what I did, but the way in which I did it.” (National Post)

Photo credit: La Presse

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