I fail at dropbox

Re: How Big Are Your Hands?  Every time I get to thinking I’m somewhat computer-savvy, a monkey wrench is thrown my way.  I’m re-working the details – at this point clicking on the graphic won’t work to get a printable page.

It still works as a .docx from Printables – apologies to those who can’t open it as .docx. Next time I’ll save it as something else first.

Good thing I have absolutely nothing else to do :)

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4 Responses to I fail at dropbox

  1. It worked for me this morning but not now. Strange.

    • It worked this morning? Great. It should still be working from Printables. Someone else said she was having problems – probably because it was a .docx file and maybe it was her program. I’ve been trying to re-save as pdf and use that and it’s not working. Maybe I’ll just go back Thanks for letting me know.

  2. David McKay says:

    I also have problems with Dropbox

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