How big are your hands?

Kids love concrete evidence that they’re growing up – and here’s a reminder in the piano binder that they are, indeed, getting bigger. Every fall, I trace the outline of one hand on a piece of paper and tell them we’ll do it again in June so we can see the difference. Most can’t actually wait that long, but I hold firm. It’s a fast little thing – requiring practically no effort – but spiking the interest.

Pretty much everything I’ve posted here is something I got from somewhere else – a workshop, another teacher, somewhere online – and this is no exception. I’ve tweaked it a bit but cannot take credit for the idea. It is available in Printables.

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4 Responses to How big are your hands?

  1. Judy says:

    printed Ok from dropbox. Great Idea!! how is the foot? are you running again?

  2. ericasipes1 says:

    What a great idea! I only wish my hands were still growing so that I could do that too :-)


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