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First Lessons

In 3 hours students arrive. The first 2 are brand new beginners. That first lesson is so important. I’ll never forget Dennis Alexander relating the story of his very first lesson. His teacher told him to come on in, for … Continue reading

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On the “lowering of standards”

The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), Canada’s largest exam system, recently announced changes to the theory requirements for their diploma, the Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (ARCT). I jumped for joy, in a manner of speaking, when I … Continue reading

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Need some energy?

Watch this video. Thank you to Chad at Cerebroom for posting this. He’s had to take a break from blogging in the last few months, but it’s good to see he’s back. Looking forward to reading his articles again.

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It’s all about the brain

After looking at numerous incentive programs, and rejecting many because they’re more complicated than I’d like them to be, I’ve decided to use Jennifer Fink’s This is Your Brain… on Music! (Pianimation) I like this because : (1) It’s easy. It’s … Continue reading

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To-do list

Already done the nothing on the list, now I must get some somethings done. 1. Firm up schedule. 2. Clean out 3 drawers remaining from the Studio Overhaul. 3. Decide on incentive program. 4. Fill in Goals and Plans 2012-2013 for each … Continue reading

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The long and winding road

There are 3 major highways across the province of British Columbia, Canada. All are in excellent shape – all offer amazing sights – and 2 of them are options for travelling from Calgary to Vancouver. The Trans-Canada Highway is the … Continue reading

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Sometimes I LOVE e-mail!

I usually regard the Inbox with something close to dread, especially when I’ve been offline for a few days. Stuff piles up. Things need to be dealt with and e-mails deleted. Every now and then, though, I welcome this mode … Continue reading

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Running. And back to reality.

We were gone 10 days and I only managed 2 runs. Lots of walks – but not at an adequate pace to get the heart pumping. Back home and back to the beginning of routines today – I’m freaking out … Continue reading

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There are no apostrophes in jazz

Hornby Island. Canada’s California (minus the palm trees). Warm water, sandy beaches, “Island time” – which can take a while to settle into. A throwback to the 60s. In some respects, a return to rural Kenya. We spent a couple … Continue reading

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A high, a low, and something learned

A high – seeing the Rockies through the eyes of someone who has never been to North America before. It was overwhelming for her – and moving for me. “Why do you people come to Kenya when you have all … Continue reading

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Bits and Bobs…

*Had a good run this morning – my foot is better – I was flying on the pathway feeling on top of the world, even in the heat. 7.5k out I turned around to return home and realized why the … Continue reading

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you, David Kanigan at Lead.Learn.Live. for the nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. What a delightful start to my morning!

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