The ultimate repeated-note technic

From the opening ceremony of the Olympics – Mr. Bean, a.k.a. Rowan Atkinson, demonstrating his technical prowess at the keyboard in Titles from the soundtrack for Chariots of Fire. It is “tastefully offensive,” to quote one website where this has been posted. Thank you to David McKay for posting this on Facebook. Mr. Bean always makes me laugh and I had missed this part of the ceremony so I was quite happy to see this.

I couldn’t get the video directly on here – it’s been taken off You-tube sites and nothing else seems to be working – but, at least for the moment, this will take you there. (Tips, DK?)

Mr. Bean at Olympics

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3 Responses to The ultimate repeated-note technic

  1. Sorry Pal. They are blocking views…you’ll need to wait for sanctioned versions.

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