Wedding Music

Just surfaced on Tumblr. Somewhere I saw a comment – someone didn’t understand how this was a problem. The response: “Clearly you’re not a cellist. Pachelbel’s Canon, anyone?”

The first time I heard that ubiquitous Canon was on the soundtrack of Ordinary People in  December, 1980. I saw it in a theatre in a mall on Granville Street in Vancouver after an afternoon of Christmas shopping. I completely fell in love with the music.

Thirty-two years and dozens of weddings later (other peoples’ weddings – only one of my own – but no Canon at my wedding – no way), I have different feelings towards it. These days I’m with Rob Paravonian. This hysterically funny rant made its way around the internet a number of years ago – getting some 10 million views.

Warning: Don’t watch if you love the piece and want to keep loving it.

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2 Responses to Wedding Music

  1. Joe Head says:

    Nice to have something humorous come out of Penn State given all the other news today. I still love the Canon in D. I still remember hearing it for the first time [on a classical radio station in Los Angeles]. Found myself singing the words of The Doxology to it.

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