That old player piano

A few years ago one of my brothers was moving a piano on the back of a truck to another location in the same town. Now, admittedly he hasn’t embraced music the same way I have, but no one actually actually expected him to “accidentally” have the piano fall off the truck on the way. (Joking, Doug – if you ever read this)

There was potential for that piano on the road, especially given his incredible skills, but it looks like someone else beat him to it.

@StanleyPiano, the world’s first interactive player piano, makes his worldwide debut at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party. Stanley is a precocious instrument who takes song requests via Twitter. Stanley can play a lot of songs, but he loves indie music. He even went out of his way to learn a song for each of the bands playing at the Block Party. Stanley bares all as his moving parts (gears, bellows, hammers, valves) visibly work as the keys press themselves.

To make a request or chat with Stanley during the Block Party (July 20-22), simply tweet your song or message to @StanleyPiano. Fans will be notified when their song is up next and view the full list Block Party songs at Stanley is very chatty, so all song requests are welcome. Ask him to play Freebird and see what happens.

Thank you, David Kanigan.

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3 Responses to That old player piano

    • Now there’s a cryptic comment.
      Good – I managed to get a vimeo video uploaded properly…
      Good – you liked the story (all true)…
      Good – it shows I watched the video (letting go of this topic right now!)

  1. It’s NOW all GREAT!

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