Bringing popular music to the minority

True confession: I had not heard of Coldplay until ThePianoGuys put up a cover of Peponi. I watched their video and thought it was awesome and blogged about it.

Now ThePianoGuys have done a cover of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful. I had not heard of One Direction (a boy band from Britain, apparently) until last week when my daughter mentioned that her friend and family were flying to Florida to see them in concert (from Calgary; that’s a long way to go for a concert). I’m getting drastically different opinions of One Direction from my kids. My youngest is gaga over them. My son says they (One Direction) have zero lasting value. I mentioned that ThePianoGuys have done a cover of one of their pieces. His response: “You honor them (One Direction) by calling it a piece.”

So with no apologies for not having heard of or making any attempt to listen to One Direction, here are ThePianoGuys in a piece that stands on its own – in possibly the most creative use of a piano and violin bow ever.

Pop quiz for DK – what’s the make of the piano?

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14 Responses to Bringing popular music to the minority

  1. Beth says:

    I really enjoyed that. I had a student who put that on her “bucket list” last year of must-learn songs & I emailed her a link yesterday. I love being able to send links to their songs to my studio families – it shows me as someone who is relevant & approachable. Have you seen their “Bourne Vivaldi” yet?

  2. I was hung up with your son’s comment describing the group having “no lasting value.” Might be there with him. As to the piano (complete guess) – let me say Baldwin (given the only other brands that I know are Steinway and Yamaha). Go ahead. Humiliate me in front of 4B internet users!

    • Laughing!
      Anyone who actually WATCHED the video would know beyond a shadow of a doubt… no actual guessing required :) (And, for what it’s worth, I don’t think highly of Baldwins – the pianos, not the actors – they’re just fine).
      At least I know you read the post to the very end!

  3. OK, it’s a Yamaha. Happy now? :)

  4. Yes, it’s surging!

  5. Jenn Morgan says:

    I really like The Piano Guys, I have seen Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp in concert before. A different take on music, but always uplifting. I loved their commentary about making the video. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks Jenn. Hope I can see them in concert some day.

  7. Laura Lamere says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Lamere and commented:
    A parent (and piano teacher) talks about popular music with her kids – enjoy!

  8. fame1444 says:

    Fun and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

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