So I’ve accumulated a bit too much music over the years. The studio is too cluttered with stuff I don’t use. Big purge underway (after I already got rid of some this winter).  I’ve been going through all the music. I have to in order to move the bookshelves to repaint.

But more importantly, there are books and books that I never open. I “inherited” loads of used music from several teachers in the last few years. Really now. How many copies of the RCM grade 4 book from 1988 do I need?

The composer folios – definitely. I have copies of most of the standard repertoire. Multiple copies, it turns out. The photo above left is what I feel compelled to keep. (Seriously, LaDona? You still need THAT MUCH? Even this pared down collection is ridiculous.) More culling is likely coming.

This, though, is the box that frightens me. All BRAND NEW MUSIC – bought by me over the years with the intention of selling it to students. Number of books: 97. Average cost: estimated to be not less than $13/book. I’m not completing the equation.

MUSIC GIVEAWAY.  I have loads of used books, videos (VHS), textbooks and so on that is available for the taking. If you’re in the Calgary area (I’m in Panorama Hills) and would like to come by you can take whatever you want. Contact me via email – under the Contact tab at the top of the page.

The books include everything from a variety of method books, grade books, old and new composer folios and collections, some blues and pop stuff, and tons of stuff I’ve never heard of (primarily British – early 20th century – I think).

Time to wash the walls.

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  1. Time to take a nap.

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