I let the music wash over me

Just the opposite of what I tell my students.

Like yesterday – when one of my students was playing Chopin – beautiful long singing lines that build to the high point. She felt it – that was obvious. And in her head she was building in sound. But it wasn’t coming out of the piano the way she thought it was.

Don’t just let the sound wash over you. Actively listen as you play. Step outside your body and take 5 steps away from the piano. 

And to the teacher – that’s me – shut up. Keep your mouth closed. Do not sing along – thinking you’re helping the student. You’re just drowning out any sound coming from the piano – rendering you and the student incapable of hearing it anyway.

When I run I let the music wash over me. Jazz is my genre of choice – while I understand it theoretically, I don’t play it. When I listen I’m not in hyper-critical/analytical mode. I step back (or forwards rather – over and over and over) and just enjoy.

This morning I got to the last little hill – 45 seconds worth of gentle climbing after an hour-long run. I saw people out for a morning stroll – about 2/3 the way up the hill. I’m thinking – I can get there before they can. All the old and slow jazz won’t stop me now. I do it. I get to the top before they do.

Turns out they’re old. I wasted someone’s grandparents. I’m pathetic.

Image: Tumblr. I try to give credit -but keep getting re-directed to one re-blog after another. My daughters assure me it’s Tumblr. No one gets credit. No one needs credit.

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3 Responses to I let the music wash over me

  1. Now, this was FUNNY! Loved it. ROFL.

    • Well thank you Dave :) – glad you liked it. A friend left the following comment on facebook:
      “Maybe you didn’t waste them–maybe you impressed and inspired them instead! Watch out for the speeding grandparents next time you’re out blazing the trails!!”
      I’m going with that.

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