Even the metronome is lazy

Getting downright lazy – 2 weeks of nothing but running, reading and blogging is getting almost – dare I say it? – boring. The heat wave is over (at least for now). The slightly cooler temperatures are energizing – the cooler nights make it much easier to sleep. An actual vacation is coming in August so that’s not an excuse.

Chad at Read Twedt  wrote an interesting article last year about stating goals in the belief that it inspired accountability. Turns out, he says, this doesn’t work since a good deal of satisfaction is derived from the actual public statement. Truthfully, I have found the reverse to be true – at least for me. So here we go again – a statement of a goal and the promise of embarrasment if I don’t follow through.

It’s time to get to work. The studio needs a general cleaning out and re-painting. It’s gotten too cluttered for my liking. The walls are a pale yellow, painted 10 years ago to simulate more sun. It’s tired. I’m off to get paint chips. Here’s the Before. I’ll post the After by the time teaching resumes in September.

Image: oddquartet.com.

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2 Responses to Even the metronome is lazy

  1. Great post LaDona. Hasn’t cooled here at all. I don’t make statements therefore avoid potential for embarrassment when I don’t follow through. You are ahead of game!

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