The battery is drained

18k. Two hours. Woot! (“Oh Mom, PLEASE don’t say that.”) 3 more kilometres and I can do the distance for the Half.

Didn’t really plan on running that far but I just felt so good. Clearly I have problems sticking with my training schedule.

I’m estimating the distance, really, with – a free program that allows you to draw on a Google map and chart your distances. I’m thinking the accuracy depends on how well you can click along roads and paths – especially when they curve.

What I really want is one of those nifty Garmin GPS watches. (If you’re reading this, Kathleen, you might want to mention it to your dad. No wait. You won’t have gotten past the first line.)¬†

I’m a bit prone to overdoing pretty much anything I tackle – going too far too soon – going too fast – especially if I see someone I think I should be able to beat (anyone who looks heavier than me). I figure I should overtrain to allow for the inevitable competitive surge I’ll get when I’m running with others. No full marathon on my horizon. Ever.

Today I discovered a way to keep my pace manageable – play old and slow music. Hit the forward button when something energetic comes on. Harry Connick Jr, Michael Buble, ¬†Chris Botti – not good for chasing someone up a hill, but they kept me slow for the distance. I’m still wasted, though – maybe I should follow that schedule more closely.

Some of my favourite LSD music (Long Slow Distance. Not lysergic acid diethylamide.) – Harry Connick, Jr. singing It Had To Be You from one of my very favourite movies.

Image credits: Bunny on speed; Tired bunny.

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9 Responses to The battery is drained

  1. 18k wow…great post LaDona

  2. Krysta Hawkley says:

    try – you still have to “draw” your route, but you can set it to automatically follow curves in the road. also uses Google Maps. keep up the running!

  3. Do you have an smart phone? You can download a free app from that will work like a watch. Or you can pay under $5 to Nike for the same type of app.

    Way to go on the long distance!


  4. Judy says:

    Good for you!!! The remaining distance will not be a problem! it was a good day for running – I did 16 plus a 6 k walk in the a.m. but went slow so as not to kill the quads. You willhave to pace yourself especially when everyone is out the gate quickly and that first walk break seems silly when your legs are fresh but you will passing all the eager beavers later on!!! You go girl!!

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