Sharing and Caring

Barrier Lake, Kananaskis

Sharing stories is every bit as important to the person sharing as it is for the whoever is reading or listening – maybe more. It’s why I patiently and lovingly listen to detailed accounts of golf games – two or three times over. It’s also why I blog.

In unrelated incidents, two long-time friends in the last few weeks remarked on my sharing and generosity on this blog – which got me thinking. I don’t have a corner on any trade secrets and I certainly have never come up with any new thoughts or techniques in the world or piano playing/teaching. The actual stuff I share in Printables pales in comparison with what a number of other bloggers create and post for all to take. (My hero and inspiration here is Susan Paradis).

Mostly what I share are my stories – of my daily life as a piano teacher and more generally, a musician. Sometimes even non-music-related stories creep in.

For years my mom also taught piano lessons and we spent many hours on the phone comparing stories. She retired and for a while I had no one who could listen and give me the kind of feedback that she did. I made an effort to get out there, meet and become friends with other piano teachers, and started blogging. It’s important for me to be able to share my stories with people who care. And if you’re still with me, you must care. For that, I thank you.

One of those friends commented that blogging is the icing on the cake to the rest of my work. I think he’s right. Why on earth would I not share? There’s a spirit of generosity in the blogging world – not just music – that I’m benefiting from far more than what I can ever give back.

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4 Responses to Sharing and Caring

  1. LaDona, I really do enjoy your blog so don’t stop. You often echo my own feelings and experiences but you are much better than I am at putting them into words. The internet has made piano teachers part of a sharing and support group where for years prior we each mostly worked in isolation. Our profession is much richer for it though I confess that I spend far too much time at the computer………just hate to miss anything important, interesting, useful or funny. Thank you.

  2. …and you give much….

  3. Love the photo by the way…

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