To the 20-something who tried to beat me up the hill


I win.

I saw you for a long ways as we descended the hill by the golf course. You sauntered. I don’t conserve energy going down. I came alongside you just as we got to the big hill going up to the clubhouse -one of those awkward moments. You saw me and took off. You widened the gap – as you SHOULD, I might add. You’re half my age and have a cute, bobbing ponytail.

But I’m twice your age and I’m wearing the right clothes* (echoes of Kathy Bates’ character in Fried Green Tomatoes – the parking lot scene). I tried to at least maintain the gap – cursing my competitive nature. Start slow… taper off… still 8k to go… maintain form… there’s a construction site coming up… let her go…

Half-way up you abruptly stopped, turned around and went back down. Part of your plan, eh? I made it all the way up. No comment about the rest of my run.

I should thank you, though. After a week of nearly sleepless nights (heat wave) I needed a boost. You gave it to me in spades.

This is the stuff that kicks me into high gear. The film editing is somewhat A.D.D. but the music is awesome.

Image Credit

*DK – your words and thoughts are seeping into my brain and coming out in my posts. Not sure how I feel about that :)

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3 Responses to To the 20-something who tried to beat me up the hill

  1. LOVE THIS POST! And guy can play the piano (not that I am one to judge)…

  2. Of course not. But next time, be assured I will notice…

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