What Not to Wear…

… at your next student recital unless you’re 6’1″ and weight about 130 lbs.

Thank you to Beverly Porter for the stream of musical laughs on Facebook. She shared this, which is from Clinica do Deficiente Musical’s Wall photos. Humour abounds on the internet and it’s awfully nice to be friends with someone who “curates” the stuff out there.

On second thought, maybe this wasn’t supposed to be funny :(

At any rate, I won’t ever be appearing in one of these – by my arbitrary requirements above I’m about 10 inches too short. No comment on the weight.

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3 Responses to What Not to Wear…

  1. Mostly I just pass on the items that friends post on my Face Book page, but I have to admit that yesterday, after Noreen posted this, I went looking for more “funnies,” After all, I think it’s humour that keeps us going. At least in my case it does. Hmmm kind of like “curator of humour” title!!!!

  2. PS I’m also 10 inches shorter and couldn’t/wouldn’t wear it to save my life!

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