Antidote for everything western

It’s early July in Calgary, Alberta, which means just one thing. The Calgary Stampede. The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth. To which we are all supposed to respond, “Yeehaw.”

It’s all about celebrating a cowboy culture – the boots, the hats, the plaid shirts, the bandanna things around the neck, and everything remotely horse-related. It’s the celebration of a culture foreign to almost everyone who visits (we can forgive the tourists, though) and almost everyone who actually lives here.

Coming on the heels of my post about the screechy, distorted electric guitar, I write this a little reluctantly, but here it is. Country music is everywhere these days. I can avoid it in my own house and car but it blasts from the loudspeakers of the community centre across the way, from the speakers in every store I enter, and in the Sunday morning church service. The electric guitar was tame this morning – the banjo wasn’t.

There’s a bright side – Mozart’s requeim was on the radio on the way home (merci, Espace Musique). It’s such a perfect piece of music – with the dense texture of instruments and voices in a piece amazingly Baroque-sounding (funny how so many good composers turned to writing like Bach at the end of their lives) yet not – the complex harmonies that increase the tension – the centuries-old text going back to the beginnings of Christianity. This is something worth celebrating.

The Recordare from Mozart’s Requiem – with a stunning drawing that perfectly portrays the text and music.


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8 Responses to Antidote for everything western

  1. I’m not big on country either…:)

  2. I wonder if you and I would agree on what we hear in a country song – not that I’m terribly eager to try – but if you ever post a country video I promise to listen and comment :)

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  4. are you allowed to say “screechy, distorted electric guitar” out loud? seems to me to be tempting the gods to throw lightning bolts at you!!

    • LaDona's Music Studio says:

      Hasn’t happened yet :)
      Really, this is when I feel so uptight, but my ears are guiding me. Those around me think I’m a diva.

      • anake goodall says:

        well we can’t ignore those fundamental emotional reactions i guess, and obviously the diva references are the highest of compliments!

        i sometimes find people comment on the lyrics on some track i’ve shared with them (often featuring screechy, distorted electric guitars ; ) and it’s the first time i’ve been ‘conscious’ that there even were lyrics; i guess we all “hear” what speaks (or sings) to us personally …

        • LaDona's Music Studio says:

          With you on the lyrics (or lack of their significance for me).
          I think you and I are going to get along just fine ;)

        • anake goodall says:

          alright! i look forward to being introduced to new (but not offensive) ideas … ; )

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