Summer Mode

I have slid right into summer mode – thoroughly relaxed (180° turnaround from my Last Stressful Friday 2 weeks ago). My days have become a pleasant routine of running (earlier and earlier in the morning to avoid the otherwise welcome heat), watching the Tour de France (not a cyclist, just an armchair enthusiast), thinking about dinner, and reading. Not a lot of piano playing these days – and I feel my fingers stiffening – but it will happen again in due time. I hope I keep track of the days well enough to realize when it’s Tuesday again – students will be showing up that day.

I’m currently reading a biography of Edith Piaf by Carolyn Burke called No Regrets. The Life of Edith Piaf – the definitive bio, apparently – a great job thus far of not focusing on the tragedy of the life at the expense of the artistry and amazing career.

Edith Piaf’s signature tune - La vie en rose – performed here by the incomparable Louis Armstrong – just because I’m a big Armstrong fan.

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4 Responses to Summer Mode

  1. As My Rachel would say, old and slow…but it’s growing on me…

  2. Yeah. It’s kind of like fungus that way…

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