Is It Just Me?

I’ll come right out with it. The sound of the distorted electric guitar makes me cringe. I try. I really do try to be open to all sorts of music – I’m certainly not stuck in classical mode. I love a lot of jazz except for the really heavy bebop and fusion stuff. I’m very interested in a lot of world music. And I was totally into the top 40 when I was in my teens and early 20s – some Elton John, Billy Joel, Abba (almost embarrassed), Heart, and so on (somewhat selective, I admit).

But I can’t stand the sound of the distorted electric guitar. No Stones. No Metal – ever.

One of the best lines I read in This is Your Brain on Music was that some people like it, some don’t. I assume I’m not alone in this but I’ve never actually heard anyone else say this.

So what precipitated this? A few months ago my son participated in a recording of worship songs – he played the piano/keys/Hammond organ/pads. He got the final copy today and let us listen to it. I was doing fine – enjoying it, really – until THAT SOUND appeared in the middle of a song that I really like (used to like). I can’t explain it – it just grates on my ears – it almost hurts. Husband and son think it’s the best thing ever.

Please tell me I’m not alone!

Image: War Seer

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7 Responses to Is It Just Me?

  1. David McKay says:

    LaDona, don’t you hear distorted electric guitar in Elton John and some of the other stuff you cited? I guess it’s not usually dominating, though

  2. Abba? Wow, going out on a limb LaDona! :)

  3. Joe Head says:

    In regard to your feelings about THAT SOUND, you are definitely not alone! I often listen to a local Christian radio station here ‘in the states’ [western North Carolina] and react the same way when in the middle of a worship song THAT SOUND is interjected for what appears to be no other reason than to make the song more palatable to the younger listener. I was in high school/college in the mid-late ’60′s and liked most of the English rock bands coming out at that time, but still have never acquired a taste for THAT SOUND.

  4. Thank you, Joe! You have no idea how much better that makes me feel!
    Especially in worship songs – like you say – for the reason you mentioned. The church service we go to is generally not bad, but sometimes it creeps in there Sunday mornings. I cringe and clench my fists and I’m quite certain my face shows exactly how I feel!
    I would be starting to feel old – except that I have never really liked it.

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