Now I’m Committed

I blogged about running in May and since then the idea of doing a half-marathon has firmly taken root. I wavered back and forth – mind games – I don’t like crowds – I can just map out the distance and do it here in town – although my husband and kids say that wouldn’t count – I’ve successfully increased my distance to 16k* already all on my own – but the idea would not leave.

So I’m registered for the Victoria, BC Half-Marathon in October. A wave of euphoria washed over me as I hit the Submit button. I’m doing this. I ran 12k there last fall (parents are retired there; brother and sister-in-law live there and both play in the Victoria Symphony) and it was the best run I had had to date. What’s not to love about running alongside the ocean, breathing in the sea-level oxygen-rich air (I live and run at 3200 ft* – altitude makes a difference), seeing all the lush green growth all the time?

It’s become a habit to run, almost daily. It’s not hard to drag myself off the couch (computer) to go, but every little bit of extra motivation and encouragement helps. Every Saturday morning, David Kanigan at Lead.Learn.Live. posts a sports motivational video. Last week’s got me pumped up and lacing up even though I had planned to take a day off. The music got me – an orchestral version of that Sarabande in D minor from Handel’s Suite No. 11 that’s in the grade 6 book. Apparently there aren’t a lot of these with classical music. Can’t imagine why not :)

I tried embedding it here – but the video kept halting; I probably did something wrong.  You can watch it (halt-free) and find others like it here.

*I’m a Canadian of a generation caught in the middle of 2 measurement systems, Canada having gone metric when I was in high school. I think distance in kilometres (half-marathon is 21 km which is 13 miles), altitude in feet and small measurements in inches. I understand the daily weather in Celsius but cook in Fahrenheit – solid ingredients in cups and pounds, liquids in litres. Height in feet and inches – speed in kilometres/hour. Works for me but my kids don’t understand.

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8 Responses to Now I’m Committed

  1. Liters and Kilometers came to Canada long after I’d finished high school so I operate much the same as you do except I cook (when I cook) in cups still.
    I’m not a runner and once around the block on my dog walk, about 1K, is it. But my daughter runs marathons and is entered in the Sinister 7 relay race next Saturday. I wish you both good luck with your races.

  2. Good for you LaDona. Sounds like a great idea and to run in Victoria, wonderful.

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