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What a weekend.

Friday night my son came home after 5 weeks of mapping the geology of Utah – which I now know more about than, I’m sure, many who live there. He talked non-stop about his field school experiences for hours. Friday was also, of course, my last teaching day of the year. It’s been intense.

Saturday – the recital. Which is always way more draining than I think it will be.

Sunday – my 17 year-old daughter came home cold and wet from camping in the mountains in June. What WERE they thinking? She and her brother saw each other for a couple of hours. Then I had 17 people in for dinner with remarkably little stress and a heck of a lot of fun – family and a few of my closest friends.

Monday morning – 2:45 AM. The end of my night. Daughter (mentioned above) was flying to BC to spend a week with the grandparents so I had to get her to the airport on time. It was one of those stupid nights when I was so afraid of sleeping through the alarm that I just didn’t sleep at all. I haven’t actually slept through an alarm for about 30 years so I don’t know what my problem was.

I need recharging. I can do pretty much anything I want this week – the garden needs attention, lots of books are screaming to be read, I still have a few loose ends to tie up, the studio definitely needs to be re-painted, and the categories of this blog need to be tidied.

And so I find myself blogging. In the year and a half since I started – almost to the day – it’s become a habit and much more – it’s restorative, it organizes my thoughts, it fires me up, it keeps me alert to so much more of what’s going on around me. I’ve learned tons, and made some pretty awesome connections with others. For now, I can’t imagine not blogging.

As I was driving home from the grocery store yesterday I heard a few minutes of the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s Emporer Concerto. If any piece of music can at the same time soothe me and make my spirit soar, this is it. Alfred Brendel is playing with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Sometimes I don’t want to just watch a pianist and orchestra – sometimes, like today, my soul craves beauty. This video satisfies on all accounts. It’s working already :)

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