Recital Success

Another good recital. Everyone is happy. There were no disasters and there were even a few really musical performances.

This is about half my studio. There were a number of students that couldn’t come at all – several already on vacation, someone at Guide Camp, a no-show (no mystery who that could be to anyone who has been reading this blog for the last month), a mom who forgot it was dad’s weekend – the usual. Two of my adult students would have played but they weren’t in town. Two others really didn’t want to – I’ll never force them.

As well, there were a few who had to leave early – the inevitable conflict with the Dance Recital, the Family Event, and the Very Important Soccer Tournament. No matter. I’m just glad they made the effort to include the recital in their busy day. I realized years ago that there would never be a GOOD time for a recital – any month of the year. To quote simply everyone at any moment, “It’s just such a crazy time of year.”  So I book what I can, when it works for me, and hope for the best.

The most stressful part of the recital is the stupid speech I have to give at the beginning. I really must write these things down. Today I forgot to mention:

1. Bow towards the audience, not with your back to them. We’ve practiced this. Bad bows still happened.

2. If your piece is memorized, do not take the music to the piano with you. It’s a crutch. One kid takes it up, and the rest think they should follow suit.

3. Turn off all cell phones. One cell phone did ring – mine. My bad. But why the heck is my son texting me when he knows I’m in the middle of the recital?

A reception followed after, as always. I supply several 2-litre bottles of pop, plastic cups, paper plates, and napkins and get each family to bring some goodies to eat. It’s painless.

Some years I perform myself. This year I didn’t – I think I got so into sight-reading massive amounts of repertoire this year that I didn’t hunker down and actually learn a piece for it. One of the moms expressed disappointment that I wasn’t playing :)  I will next time. Now I can relax.

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10 Responses to Recital Success

  1. Dean says:

    Sounds like fun. I would like to see young people play more piano and sing — and spend less time on computers.

    • Dean, HI! THANK YOU for reading and commenting. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of young people playing piano – but singing, definitely. They need more role models – like gorgeous baritones who took up other careers!!!

  2. Jenn Morgan says:

    I really enjoy your comments, humor, and studio insights…. I feel like a friend, thank you! My recital is over also, but then, the state conference and a piano camp! No rest for the weary…

  3. fame1444 says:

    That is too funny about your cell phone! I love it when that sort of thing happens to me. And it’s funny you should mention the fact that you didn’t perform. I always go back and forth with whether or not I should perform at my studio events or just leave the spotlight on the kids. Not sure. Sounds like your parents like it when you perform.

  4. Wendy Chan says:

    Congratulations on a successful recital Ladona! I had mine last Saturday too and SO glad it’s finally over and the kids all did their friends and family proud. Yes, I forgot the many things that I was supposed to announce, skipped over a few students during the introductions no matter how organized I tried to be..but thankfully all was well :) Finally, I’m able to sit back, relax and play the piano and at the computer!!! :) Have a wonderful summer!

  5. Joy Morin says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who dreads the pre-recital speech! Also, at my last recital, a bunch of my students pulled the bring-the-music-up-even-though-I’ve-been-playing-it-by-memory-for-months thing too.

    As usual, I greatly enjoy your down-to-earth blogging. :)

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