I have NOT retired!

Just got an email from some-one who thought, after yesterday’s post, that I might have meant I was done teaching forever. Not at all. It’s the summer break. I’m taking next week off (time to do all sorts of year-in-review type posts), then I teach one day a week in July, have August off, then we’re back full steam ahead in September.

I’m going to teach until I die.

Thank you for your email, Jean. It means a lot.

And no more depressing Friday/Saturday posts!

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2 Responses to I have NOT retired!

  1. Ha, ha, I think we all feel the same way at the end of June. My exams were just this last week and recital to celebrate the year-end is tomorrow. Then I can relax a bit. Like you, I don’t plan on retiring, ever, as long as my brain and body cooperate! But I sure look forward to summer every year.

  2. You said it so well!!! Thanks, Beverly!
    I had thought about saying something about the brain and body…
    Today is the final recital. I had a much heavier load this year – by choice – filling some of the time that my kids no longer require. I think that’s why I burned out a bit earlier this year.
    By the end of every August I’ll be itching to start it all up again.

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