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Not a post about soccer

It’s another big weekend in the world of soccer. I’m not a fan, but my husband is. I was NOT looking for anything remotely related to it but I stumbled on something that combines Carmina Burana, soccer, the Vienna Boys’ … Continue reading

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Now I’m Committed

I blogged about running in May and since then the idea of doing a half-marathon has firmly taken root. I wavered back and forth – mind games – I don’t like crowds – I can just map out the distance … Continue reading

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That clock keeps ticking…

A teacher friend of mine doesn’t even offer 30-minute lessons. If you sign up for lessons with her, you get minimum 45-minute lessons. Awesome idea. I jumped on it a couple of years ago. Got a number of beginner students … Continue reading

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How to Ace a History Exam

Here’s where I hold my nose and go against all my principles of educating. The topic of the music history exams was being discussed on a forum recently (Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada; The Achievement Program in the US). The syllabus … Continue reading

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Close enough: 50 Piece Challenge Wrap-up

My grade 3 math teacher once drew an illustration on the blackboard – with chalk – that has stuck with me. A student had given an answer for a question that was a bit off. The teacher said he was … Continue reading

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                                                                  Image: Pops Digital What a weekend. Friday night … Continue reading

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Recital Success

Another good recital. Everyone is happy. There were no disasters and there were even a few really musical performances. This is about half my studio. There were a number of students that couldn’t come at all – several already on … Continue reading

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I have NOT retired!

Just got an email from some-one who thought, after yesterday’s post, that I might have meant I was done teaching forever. Not at all. It’s the summer break. I’m taking next week off (time to do all sorts of year-in-review … Continue reading

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Do I Apologize?

I talked to my sister this morning. She reads these ramblings faithfully. I mentioned that today is my last teaching day (of the year) so there would be no more difficult Fridays. She laughed – then pointed out that my … Continue reading

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Don’t tell. Show.

A post by another piano teacher has been clanking* around in my brain for a few months now. He takes the view that it is better for the teacher not to demonstrate technique, sounds, phrases at the lesson, but rather teach … Continue reading

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Can of worms

A teacher I’ve known for a long time needed to vent. She’s one of my faithful readers and leaves gloriously long messages for me on Facebook. I had to laugh – and told her so. Turns out that was just … Continue reading

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A weight off my shoulders

I shouldn’t feel this happy. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel bad that I feel so good. I think my professionalism is at stake. I’ve written a couple of times about my long and … Continue reading

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