Something to make you smile

It’s been one of those days – and I haven’t even started “working” yet – unexplained bank fees showing up (GRR – but I got them cleared up – bank error, apparently), the weather is shifting from kind of spring to a big dump of snow tomorrow, I had boring administrative type stuff to do for one of the history courses I’m teaching, my debit card was rejected (I’m GOOD with money – so I don’t know what’s going on), and so on….

Driving around town I was listening to CBC – Mozart and Schubert – trying to let the classical music seep into my soul and calm me – while host Julie Nesrallah was telling me all the ways classical music is good for the soul, the brain, and the heart. Alas, it didn’t really work this time.

This did, though. This made me smile:) Now I’m ready to start teaching.

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