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Twice (or thrice) the fun

It started on a whim just before Christmas. An ensemble recital wasn’t something I had planned this year. It seemed to be a daunting task to get every student involved in ensemble work but the very words I put down … Continue reading

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Blue on blue in blue

Possibly the most serenely beautiful and moving piece of choral music – The Bluebird by Charles V. Stanford. The poetry is somewhat average, but the music is stunning. I’ve included the lyrics so the music can better paint the picture. … Continue reading

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A Night at the Opera

There are increasingly few evenings that we as a family go out together anymore; the kids have their own lives and their own interests. Happily, though, one of those interests is attending the opera with their parents. Last night’s experience … Continue reading

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Say what? And in what language?

I’ve just started re-reading what is probably my favourite novel, “The Age of Innocence” by Edith Wharton, set in upper-class New York in the 1870s, written in 1921. It opens at the opera – Faust – performed at the old … Continue reading

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Codename: Bourne Vivaldi

The PianoGuys always make my day. I get excited when I see they have a new video out. Their latest is a Bourne soundtrack/Vivaldi concerto creation. In their words: “In the early 1700’s Antonio Vivaldi wrote a concerto for an … Continue reading

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It’s All Sacred

It was with some concern that I recently read a review of a manual on how to teach piano to the glory of God. My concern was not with the review; it was thoughtful and well-written. But I question why … Continue reading

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Warm Sunday Afternoon Music

Hands up. Who has heard of Einojuhani Rautavaara? I hadn’t. But I heard a performance of an amazing piano concerto by Rautavaara on Sunday afternoon. The winners of a local concerto competition performed their pieces with the Calgary Civic Symphony. … Continue reading

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Musings about Chopin: The Nocturnes

Chopin’s Nocturnes are some of the most beautiful piano music written and rightly occupy a fairly prominent place in many recitals. As a group of pieces, they are similar in form (ternary) and mood (melancholy). A clear melody in the … Continue reading

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Collegiality:  the relationship between colleagues. Colleagues are those explicitly united in a common purpose and respecting each other’s abilities to work toward that purpose (Wikipedia). I had a lovely morning yesterday with a few colleagues at a coffee shop in … Continue reading

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Evensong in Halifax

Our kids are definitely traveling a lot more than we are in the next few months. One of my daughters is now in Halifax, NS on a high school choir trip. On Sunday the 22nd the William Aberhart High School … Continue reading

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When do we give that sticker?

Should students be rewarded for something as basic as getting the rhythm correct – especially after weeks of being reminded, drilling at the lesson, and assignment sheets with instructions in an ever-increasing font size? Tonight I gave a student a … Continue reading

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Out of Africa

So I updated my Facebook with that new Timeline and the world did not end! I added this as my cover photo and got a number of comments and likes so I thought I’d share it here. I took it … Continue reading

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