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An Afternoon of French Music

Here’s one for the power of the personal invitation. When you’re marketing a concert (or whatever, I’m sure), all the nice posters and advertising don’t go as far as a personal invitation from someone who is involved. The Calgary Civic … Continue reading

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Perfect Pitch – Update

When I started this blog a little over a year ago, one of the first things I wrote about was my gradual loss of absolute pitch (“perfect pitch”). It’s an aging thing – normal, and to be expected, much like vision … Continue reading

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Snow Evening

The snow storm during the afternoon rush hour yesterday messed up my classes last night. This is one of the (many) times I’m so glad my work comes to me and that I don’t have to deal with the traffic … Continue reading

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A Lovely Day

I had a lovely day. Morning – my daughter’s school band played in a band festival and I was able to hear them. The only glitch in the day was during the performance. A few chatty girls – the kind … Continue reading

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Rehearsal for ensemble recital

Well – that was a disaster. I had my youngest students in this afternoon for their Performance Class, which included the first rehearsals for the ensemble recital. As well as I thought they were prepared, it was mostly disastrous – … Continue reading

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Are the French suites French?

It happens that the French Suites of Bach are not really French at all ( just like the French horn is German, and the English horn is neither English nor a horn. It’s thought to have originated in Silesia, which … Continue reading

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No Warm-up? Really?

Stephen Hough, concert pianist by night and writer of things musical, theological and all sorts of things, blogs for The Telegraph (in the U.K.). I stumbled upon a series of practice tips that he wrote fairly recently. One is his … Continue reading

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Simply Divine

Angela Hewitt was simply divine Thursday night. It was the most inspirational recital/concert I’ve attended for quite a long time. In the last 10 years, since I have chosen to focus more exclusively on teaching, I’ve re-discovered my first love … Continue reading

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Wantin Somethin So Bad

Half-Blood Blues is a current best-selling novel by Esi Edugyan, a Canadian, as it happens. The story is about a few jazz musicians of various nationality and race caught in Berlin and Paris at the beginning of World War II. … Continue reading

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The Sad Truth

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Arpeggios are Fractals

A fractal is a math thing – apparently a relatively recent concept – where the bits of something look the same as the whole. The easiest example to understand is a tree or leaf – the shape of the leaf … Continue reading

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Don Cherry’s Tailor

It’s Saturday. In Canada that means it’s Hockey Night in Canada with our ever-colourful commentator, Don Cherry. When he’s not busy instructing the kids in TV-land how to play and fight while he’s playing his piano desk, he’s buying new clothes.

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