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Beethoven Sonatas

With a touch of sadness, I finished sight-reading through all 32 of Beethoven’s piano sonatas. The last sonata, opus 111, one of his last compositions, is fittingly in C Major, that most “homey” of all home keys. It ends with … Continue reading

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Chopin’s Funeral

The funeral of Frederic Chopin was attended by thousands. In his last days, knowing he was dying, he planned the service. The organist played the Funeral March from Chopin’s Sonata in B-flat minor. Mozart’s Requiem was performed by an orchestra … Continue reading

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Technique Worksheet – Grade 4 RCM

From time to time I add different grades to my collection of worksheets. Feel free to use this RCM gr. 4 worksheet (2008) 

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Chopin’s Preludes as Respite

Having made it through the Hammerklavier – never have I been so happy to see a final barline – I treated myself to a read-through of Chopin’s Preludes, op. 28. A few of these pop up regularly on festival and … Continue reading

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Hand Positions

I’ve been on a Fix-Your-Hand-Position kick this week. Shelagh McKibben-U’Ren, moderator of the RCM Piano Teachers Yahoo group, posted a while ago that she takes pictures of her students sitting at the piano with a good posture, then prints the … Continue reading

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Sight-reading Beethoven

I’ve made it all the way up to the Hammer-Klavier Sonata, opus 106. It’s probably the hardest of Beethoven’s solo piano works, written quite late in his life. I’ve been reading through all the Beethoven Sonatas,

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Beauty makes us cry

Beauty makes us cry because we fear it can’t last. ~ Michael Tilson Thomas in Mahler: Legacy, a PBS Documentary. The entire documentary can be viewed online.

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Just because I can

I’ve mentioned a few times that I didn’t know how to insert an image of the worksheets that I’ve made myself. Thanks to Joy at Color in my Piano for her suggestions – and to a free downloaded program – … Continue reading

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50 Piece Challenge: an update

About half of my students are taking part in the 50 Piece Challenge. We’re two months into the year so ideally they should have all “learned” about 10 pieces by now. It’s been a fun make-the-rules-as-you-go kind of a thing … Continue reading

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