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A Dozen A Day

I grew up seeing these Dozen a Day exercise books (by Edna-Mae Burnam) everywhere. My mom was a piano teacher; I probably used them myself; all my siblings also took lessons so they probably had them as well. I’ve used … Continue reading

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Confronting Opus 22

In my quest to sight-read through all of Beethoven’s Sonatas, I knew I would at one point turn the page and there would be Opus 22 – mocking me, testing me to see if I have grown up yet. It … Continue reading

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Fingering – the solution to most problems

One of my regrets is that I didn’t take the piano pedagogy course during my university studies. It conflicted with a shift that I had working in the library on campus, and I thought the few dollars a week were … Continue reading

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Industrial Revolutions Per Minute

Catchy title – catchy piece – this is a Piano Trio for One Piano, Six Hands by Red Leaf composer Janet Gieck. I heard it performed at the CFMTA Convention and promptly made my way to the trade show to … Continue reading

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Student Binders

Lessons started a week ago – YAY! I give every student a 1-inch white binder without a number of sections. This is where I write the assignment for the week, as well as provide them with a technical requirements for … Continue reading

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Memory and Time Spent

This is not a list of easy (or even not so easy) tips for memorizing. It is also not a list of the different brain processes that occur when memorizing. That information is out there in abundance. And I’m not … Continue reading

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The 50 Piece Challenge

Samantha Coates at Blitz Books blogged about her Repertoire Conveyer Belt – having the students 50 pieces in a year. As she explains, this is an incentive program that will get the students sight reading, improve their ability to learn … Continue reading

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Fall Organization: My Teacher Binder

To keep track of details of each student, I have a large binder that sits on my desk. I have each student’s name written on a divider, organized by when they come for the lesson throughout the week. ┬áIn each … Continue reading

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