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Fall Organization: This year’s roster

Last year I had what I called an Unbalanced Studio – a large number of students at either end of the spectrum (Beginners and Advanced).  This year things are slightly more spread out:

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Fall Organization: The Sight Reading Box

It’s been a long, full summer, and it’s not quite over yet. Next week lessons start again, so I’m in the process of organizing music and materials and plans. I shudder when I think of how many years I taught … Continue reading

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Pedalling Beethoven

If you’re like me, you usually ignore the pedal markings in the Beethoven Sonatas and just do what sounds good. Turns out, this is the right way to approach it! Dr. Christine Vanderkooy, Associate Professor of Piano at the University … Continue reading

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Fall Organization and Goals

As I attempt to get fully organized for the start of the new teaching year, I’m spending way too much time on the computer, reading other blogs, chat groups, surfing, and generally practicing avoidance of what I should be doing. … Continue reading

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Sound Drama

What if there were no theory exams? What would I, as a theory teacher, do? Exams are only a tool, emphasized Jean Auger-Crowe in her session on teaching SATB as sound drama at the CFMTA Convention. Plan your lessons this … Continue reading

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Being an Adult Student

Last week I rushed through my post about teaching adult students to get to the golf course on time. I am an adult student of golf. I only started last summer, and last Tuesday was the first time I had … Continue reading

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You’re never too old…

This month’s issue of Clavier Companion includes a couple of wonderfully inspirational articles about Frank Glazer and Liva Rev – both active performers and teachers in their nineties. They have both been world class concert pianists and continue to share … Continue reading

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Teaching Adult Students

Susan Griesdale, a Red Leaf Pianoworks composer and author of an excellent Rhythm Practice book, spoke on a topic she knows well at the recent CFMTA Convention. She started piano lessons as an adult herself, and now teaches many adults. In … Continue reading

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TITANIC – A Voyage in Piano Music

We are fascinated with the story of the RMS Titanic – its voyage and its fate. Rebekah Maxner has written and arranged music for Beginner-Elementary students that recount the tale of the Titanic. This is “original music that captures the … Continue reading

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Thomas Yu: A Balancing Act

What if you made an appointment to get some dental implant work done and arrived at the medical practice to the sound of someone practicing piano? If your appointment was with Dr. Thomas Yu, a periodontist in Calgary, AB, (which is, … Continue reading

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Accomp – er – collab’rative humor

In my former life, which ended a decade ago, I was an accompanist, known these days as a “collaborative pianist.” I stumbled on a very funny blog post featuring haikus about the joys of “collaborating.”  This is a great, funny … Continue reading

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