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A funny thing happened in F Sharp Major

Feeling rather shallow for skipping the fugues in the Well-Tempered Clavier, part of my sight-reading endeavour, I went back and caught up with the Preludes. I’m not a bad sight-reader, but the fugues take that extra bit of hard work. … Continue reading

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Resources for 3rd and 4th year students

Subtitled: Is Grade 1 harder than it used to be? Part 2 .  See Part 1 here. I find the transition from the method books to grade 1 to be somewhat challenging with some students.  If only they were all … Continue reading

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How to Improve Your Sight-Reading in 32 Easy Steps

Read through Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas. All 32 of them. Your sight-reading will improve – guaranteed. Lest you’re impressed, let me set the record straight. I haven’t done this but David McKay – a former crowd control officer (high school music teacher) … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – and a lesson from Golf

From The Piano Teachers Art by Isabelle Yalkovsky Byman: My own teacher, Olga Samaroff, had two mottos which we heard over and over:                                   … Continue reading

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Buying Music

As we wrap up this year of teaching and start to prepare ideas and plans for next year, the issue of parents buying more or fewer books always comes up. Elissa Milne, one of my favourite bloggers, wrote an excellent … Continue reading

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Lucky Charms: Music to Charm and Train the Ear

Ear Charming, Not Ear Training Roberta Stephen For singers and pianists to learn new ways to identify intervals. For instance, what color is a perfect 5th? Or is a minor third salty or sweet? There will be demonstrations, handouts, audience … Continue reading

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Getting Started in Artistry at the Piano

These are my own unofficial, unsanctioned, unapproved thoughts from my own experiences over the last half-year about getting started teaching Artistry at the Piano. Please don’t blame the method for any deficiencies in my thoughts and presentations! Now that the … Continue reading

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Keeping the Method Books in their Place

There are an almost overwhelming number of different method books available for teaching the beginning student. Discussion rages in some circles about the pros and cons of each method and its approach to reading; publishers market their own methods with … Continue reading

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Is anything ever different?

From The Piano Teachers Art by Isabelle Byman, published in 1978: “In this day, when young people are overwhelmed with great distractions and piled high with homework from school, plus a disinclination to work long hours on technical studies, there … Continue reading

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